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Family History asks the questions: Where did I come from? What is the history of my family?

We, at Sioux Valley Genealogical Society, think it is important to find answers to these questions. Individuals need to have a sense of belonging and communities need to understand the historical bases of their distinctive character.

Our Society works to preserve our local heritage before valuable sources of history are no longer available. As community ties dissolve, and family ties weaken, we try to identify and record these ties.

Membership dues include the Pioneer Pathfinder, an excellent publication that is full of interesting information. Your search may reach a member working on the same family name.

  • Receive four issues of the Pioneer Pathfinder - your choice of paper or electronic
  • Notification of meetings and special events in the area
  • Discounted rates on registration fees for seminars and classes sponsored by SVGS
  • Voting privileges at Society meetings
  • Support the organized study, research and preservation of historically and genealogically significant material
  • Discounted prices on purchases from SVGS
  • Access to “Members Only“ page on the SVGS website
  • Opportunity to network with others interested in Family History

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SVGS can be contacted Monday - Friday 12pm-4pm by contacting the Old Courthouse Museum  at: 605-367-4210
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