Lincoln County Cemeteries

This list of cemeteries comes from the Lincoln County Cemetery books published by the Canton Area Historical Society in 1985. Sioux Valley Genealogical Society has these books in their library.

Cemetery Township  Location
Beaver  Creek LaValley  Twp 25
Bethania  (Bethany) Lutheran Fairview  Twp 15
Bethesda PleasantTwp 33
Bonine Brooklyn  Twp n 26
Brooklyn Brooklyn  Twp 25
Delaware  Reformed Delaware Twp 5
Eden Eden Twp 14
Fairview Fairview   Twp 26
Forest  Hill Canton  Twp 21
Grand Valley Highland Twp 4
Hudson???? Eden Twp W. of Hudson
Indian Canton  Twp 18
Lands  Lutheran       Norway  Twp   10
Larson  Pleasant  Twp      31
    Faith  Lutheran  LaValley  LaValley  Twp            19
Lennox Grant  Twp      5
Mt. Olivet    Perry  Twp      34
Mt. Zion       Delaware Twp    31
Nathaniel     Norway  Twp   35
Nazareth  Lutheran   Pleasant  Twp  8
North  CantonLutheran Canton  Twp 6
North  Trinity Eden Twp 6
Pleasant Hill Lincoln Twp 32
Pleasant View LaValley  Twp 1
Romsdal Lutheran Norway  Twp 6
Skerfsrud Brooklyn  Twp 1
South  Canton Lutheran Canton  Twp 7
South  Trinity Norway  Twp 12
Springdale Springdale  Twp 23
St.  Edwards Lynn Twp 8
St.  Lucas Norwegian Lutheran LaValley  Twp 30
Tea Trinity Lutheran Delapre Twp 35
Tuntland Highland Twp 31
West  Prairie Grant  Twp 15
Worthing Lynn Twp 9
Zion Methodist Pleasant  Twp 15

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